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Please put suggestions for screenshots to go onto the main website on this page. You can post URLs or upload images directly to the wiki.

Note that all screenshots are to be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Here is the new work-in-progress screenshots page:

Stuff still to merge & places to draw from:

Subcategories are:

User Interface

Startup screen


  • GUI and tools in action

wxPython interface

  • GIS manager
  • module window






Raster map operations


Vector map operations


Image Processing

  • clustering
  • sat img edge detection (Markus posted one recently)
  • i.landsat.rgb trials (from Hamish's website)


Remote Sensing and LIDAR

Satellite Data

MODIS, Quickbird, etc, I thought to put some sites/vector points stuff here too. Maybe split that out into its own category?

LIDAR and Sonar Data

  • Jockey's Ridge
  • gdalwarping of sidescan sonar track?

Sites (point) data

  • where to put this?

3D Visualization

  • NVIZ, r3.out.vtk, ...
  • MARS MOLA data (Hamish has one)


(aim for publication quality)

Web Services

  • Markus's PHP earthquake map
  • Jachym's contibutions
    • PyWPS
    • The new one

Modeling and Statistics

this sections needs a better title

  • Dylan's Speafish bugsites cluster plot
  • Some R variograms etc



(r.out.mpeg et al)

  • old MPEG-1 canyon fly through
  • Bob Covill had some ETOPO5 world bathymetry fly throughs

3.5 and 4D

  • moving NVIZ cutting planes

More sections?

Feel free to suggest something.