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The printable version is no longer supported and may have rendering errors. Please update your browser bookmarks and please use the default browser print function instead. contains advice on setting up a directory structure for GRASS projects. It advises:

 /data/            # as a shared directory for team projects with sysop managed group permissions
 /data/grassdata   # grass GIS database 
 /data/grassdata/spearfish    # a shared spearfish Location
 /data/grassdata/spearfish/maria    #  a team member's working mapset
 /data/grassdata/spearfish/david    # another member's working mapset

For individual use, such a structure is not necessary. One will need a database, and GRASS can create Location and Mapset directories. Your default database/location/mapset may be stored in your .grass6rc file.

GRASS can be invoked with:

grass --help  # print options
grass   # start with defaults from .grassrc6
grass /data/grassdata/spearfish/david  # a specific mapset