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Q: Is is possible to switch one LOCATION to another while running GRASS. If yes please suggest.

A: Partially. With pre4 and later, using any of:

g.gisenv set="GISDBASE=newdbase"
g.gisenv set="LOCATION_NAME=newlocation"
g.gisenv set="MAPSET=newmapset"

will mostly work.

Things which won't work correctly include:

  1. Monitor state (resizing, d.save, d.redraw etc). You may as well run "d.erase" when changing location, as the stored state is no longer usable.
  2. Existing NVIZ and tcltkgrass sessions won't recognise the change of location; they will continue to use the old location.
  3. The shell history (.bash_history) will be saved in the original mapset directory.