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Participants and Reports

Martin Landa

  • SVN log overview
  • Show computation region extent settings, see trac #3519
  • wxGUI/datacatalog: zoom to first added map (sync with lmgr behaviour)

Moritz Lennert

  • SVN log overview
  • Committed fix for r.texture to avoid overwrite of existing output maps
  • Committed fox for i.segment.uspo to avoid zero division error
  • Worked on and discussed new startup mockup, created wiki page for brainstorming
  • Use of '_' in i.zc module parameter in i.cutlines to enable parallelization of i.zc. Thanks to Pietro for making this possible in pygrass.
  • Some testing for #3361 on slowness of with GEOS. Added explanation to man page to clarify that GRASS' "overlap' = GEOS 'intersects'.
  • Testing Ondrej' artificial neural networks modules + discussions on further improvements
  • Discussion of new website design
  • Discussion on move to github.

Markus Neteler

  • set up Budget for this community sprint

Veronica Andreo

  • SVN log overview
  • Tested r.texture
  • Commited i.atcorr manual example and figure contributed by Zofie Cimburova to perform atmospheric correction on Sentinel-2 bands
  • Performed general clean-up on i.atcorr manual page
  • Sentinel wiki (kinda) completed. Editions, corrections and more examples are welcome.