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Participants and Reports

Martin Landa

  • SVN log overview
  • Show computation region extent settings, see trac #3519
  • wxGUI/datacatalog: zoom to first added map (sync with lmgr behaviour)
  • wxGUI/preferences: add new option for random colors (vector)
  • Read EPSG codes with PROJ v.5 fails, see trac #3514
  • wxGUI/datacatalog: display layer on double click
  • disable to_text_string() in, see trac #3508
  • rename r.sentinel -> i.sentinel (work in progress), see trac #3522
  • v.random restrict wrong categories assigned, see trac #3524
  • Currently ​G7:v.random with restrict parameter transfers categories trac #3528
  • wxGUI: set up default map display properties when new display is open
  • libgis: improve parser UI description error reporting
  • add support for centroids

Moritz Lennert

  • SVN log overview
  • Committed fix for r.texture to avoid overwrite of existing output maps
  • Committed fox for i.segment.uspo to avoid zero division error
  • Worked on and discussed new startup mockup, created wiki page for brainstorming
  • Use of '_' in i.zc module parameter in i.cutlines to enable parallelization of i.zc. Thanks to Pietro for making this possible in pygrass.
  • Some testing for #3361 on slowness of with GEOS. Added explanation to man page to clarify that GRASS' "overlap' = GEOS 'intersects'.
  • Testing Ondrej' artificial neural networks modules + discussions on further improvements
  • Discussion of new website design
  • Discussion on move to github.

Markus Neteler

Veronica Andreo

  • SVN log overview
  • tested r.texture
  • committed i.atcorr manual example and figure contributed by Zofie Cimburova to perform atmospheric correction on Sentinel-2 bands
  • performed general clean-up on i.atcorr manual page
  • completed Sentinel wiki (kinda). Editions, corrections and more examples are welcome.
  • discussion about new flag and flag behavior for t.remove with Luca trac #3362
  • revised and tested old t.* related tickets; closed some old ones as wontfix or worksforme accordingly.
  • created patch for trac #3264 with Luca's help
  • tested -h flag in, see trac #3322
  • added example to t.register (contributed by Ondrej Pesek) + correction of typos and minor text edition
  • tweeted and RT from GRASS account and posted in FB GRASS GIS group
  • completed revision and clean-up of the Temporal data processing wiki
  • opened tickets for g.gui.tplot (after discussions with Nikos and Luca)
  • tested trac #3223 and trac #3302
  • created draft roadmap of priorities for the migration of the web site: see wiki

Ondřej Pešek

  • Working on artificial neural network modules (see github commits overview)
  • g.gui.gmodeler: Support parameterization and GUI generation in python script; export to PyWPS script (see github commits overview)
  • Working on SOS modules (see github commits overview)

Luca Delucchi

Nikos Alexandris

Stefan Blumentrath

  • Made his first commit to trunk r72444 and fixed trac #3322
  • worked on an AddOn t.rast.aggegate.update for updating aggregated STRDS from t.rast.aggregate (please test)
  • wrote a patch for improving performace of v.rast.stats that allows multiple input trac #3523 (testing/feedback very welcome)
  • SVN log overview