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==== Luca Delucchi ====
==== Luca Delucchi ====
* Managing barbecue :-)
* Managing barbecue :-)
* Starting to update g.gui.tplot to support stvds ({{rev|65640}})
* Added support to stvds in g.gui.tplot ({{rev|65640}} {{rev|65755}} {{rev|65758}} {{rev|65763}} {{rev|65770}} {{rev|65772}} {{rev|65773}})
* g.gui.tplot fixed problem with null value in CELL maps {{rev|65682}}
* g.gui.tplot fixed problem with null value in CELL maps {{rev|65682}}
* Fixed issue {{trac|2690}} ({{rev|65674}} {{rev|65675}})
* Fixed issue {{trac|2690}} ({{rev|65674}} {{rev|65675}})
* moved v.what.strds to trunk {{rev|65686}}, added testsuite {{rev|65704}} and backported to release branch 7 {{rev|65705}}, closed ticket {{trac|2128}}
* moved v.what.strds to trunk {{rev|65686}}, added testsuite {{rev|65704}} and backported to release branch 7 {{rev|65705}}, closed ticket {{trac|2128}} (added into Makefile only with {{rev|65760}} {{rev|65760}}
* added TOC into keywords page {{rev|65713}}
* added TOC into keywords page {{rev|65713}}
* worked on {{trac|2599}} ({{rev|65714}} {{rev|65723}})
* worked on promotional material {{rev|65735}} [https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/changeset/12481 OSGeo r12481] [https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/changeset/12482 OSGeo r12482]

==== Ivan Minčík ====
==== Ivan Minčík ====

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Impressions from the GRASS GIS Community Sprint 2015: Como, Italy)

More photos at Twitter, FB, G+ ...


Individual reports

Martin Landa

v.external interactive input/layer
  • fix v.buffer -s/-c flags (r65710)
  • trac #2711
  • v.in.proj renamed to v.import and copied to trunk, integrated into wxGUI (see screenshot below)
Import and reproject vector data on the fly
Import and reproject vector data on the fly (check result)

Planned but not finished:

  • integrate r.in.proj and v.in.proj to trunk
  • work on PostGIS Topology support, see trac #2460, trac #2497
  • GRASS 7 support in pywps
  • trac #2386
  • implement v.clip
  • implement v.convert.g6
  • g.gui.datacatalog

Anna Petrasova

  • fixed digitizing attributes on MacOSX with wxPython 3 - r65606
  • fix trac #2386 in r65614 and fix manual page example (r65615)
  • test for r.horizon added (r65621), reorganized options in r65635
  • fix creating command in PyGRASS r65630 (to be backported)
  • fix listing temporal datasets in GUI in r65641
  • animation tool: put time label color and number of processes to settings, resizing window behavior improved
  • default dialog style changed to vertical on Linux
  • r.import interface change + test in progress
  • + Massimo Di Stefano: first stage of integration of Cesium virtual globe in Map Display
First steps in integration Cesium virtual globe in GRASS GIS 7

Ludmila Furtkevicova

  • r.flow manual: example added (r65680, r65681)
  • various manual wording tweaks
  • r.slope.aspect manual: example added (r65722, r65724)

Markus Neteler

  • add SVG files of startup banner to SVN (r65609 + r65609)
  • Fotowall photo collection (see above)
  • Como community sprint: T-Shirt logo draft (r65610)
  • Manage the Community Sprint budget (together with Luca Delucchi and Martin Landa)
  • trac configuration updated: possibility to download Addon source code as ZIP package (example: r.sun.daily) - joint work with Vaclav Petras
  • Partial cleanup of http://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/R_statistics - joint work with Vero Andreo
  • v.buffer manual: explain corners (caps) with screenshots r65712
  • d.legend manual: example + screenshot added r65718
  • minor stuff: r65694, r65695, r65691, r65692, r65683, r65685
  • tagged GRASS GIS 7.0.1RC2 (release_20150720_grass_7_0_1RC2)

Vaclav Petras

  • migrating tests to NC basic location (r65613)
  • supporting Ivan Mincik in Git synchronization for Travis CI
  • supporting Markus Neteler in Trac download links (needed for g.extension)
  • updating Python documentation (r65612)
  • test for g.extension (r65673)
  • refactoring and documentation of g.extension (r65676, r65688, r65711, r65762)
  • giving GRASS GIS contributing introduction to Ludmila Furtkevicova
  • supporting Annalisa Minelli in fixing r.agent/r.agent.aco compilation and source code layout
  • support for other sources of source code for g.extension (r65730, r65737, r65740, r65757, r65769)
    • newly supported options:
      • ZIP or TAR family archive file locally or on the web:
        • g.extension r.example svnurl=https://trac.osgeo.org/.../r.example?format=zip
      • local directory on disk:
        • g.extension r.example svnurl=/local/directory/r.example/
      • simple URL to GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket repositories (downloads a ZIP file):
        • g.extension r.example svnurl=github.com/johnsmith/r.example
      • simple URL to OSGeo Trac (downloads a ZIP file, requires download enabled in Trac):
        • g.extension r.example svnurl=trac.osgeo.org/.../r.example
    • only official repository supported on MS Windows (compilation is not possible)
    • by default an GRASS GIS OSGeo Trac ZIP file is used instead of Subversion access to the repositiry
    • local XML files cannot be properly updated as they are provided only in official repository
    • CRLF line endings are replaced by LF before compilation (advanatgeos for ZIPs from Trac and from ZIP providers using MS Windows)

Annalisa Minelli

Testing possible interactions between Gama-platform and GRASS trunk focusing on pre and post processing of data for the multi agent platform. Specifically:

Margherita Di Leo

Mainly working on documentation and cooking for the crew (together with Luca Delucchi) ;-)

Veronica Andreo

Luca Delucchi

Ivan Minčík

Overall Code Sprint page

OSGeo code sprint (one day): http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G-Europe_2015_Code_Sprint

Press release