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==== Margherita Di Leo ====
==== Margherita Di Leo ====

* Documentation ({{rev|65622}}, {{rev|65633}}, {{rev|65698}})
* Documentation ({{rev|65622}}, {{rev|65633}}, {{rev|65698}}, {{rev|65745}})

==== Veronica Andreo ====
==== Veronica Andreo ====

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Impressions from the GRASS GIS Community Sprint 2015: Como, Italy)

More photos at Twitter, FB, G+ ...


Individual reports

Martin Landa

v.external interactive input/layer

To be done:

  • integrate r.in.proj and v.in.proj to trunk
  • work on PostGIS Topology support, see trac #2460, trac #2497
  • GRASS 7 support in pywps
  • trac #2386
  • implement v.clip
  • implement v.convert.g6
  • g.gui.datacatalog

Anna Petrasova

  • fixed digitizing attributes on MacOSX with wxPython 3 - r65606
  • fix trac #2386 in r65614 and fix manual page example (r65615)
  • test for r.horizon added (r65621), reorganized options in r65635
  • fix creating command in PyGRASS r65630 (to be backported)
  • fix listing temporal datasets in GUI in r65641
  • + Massimo Di Stefano: first stage of integration of Cesium virtual globe in Map Display
First steps in integration Cesium virtual globe in GRASS GIS 7

Ludmila Furtkevicova

  • r.flow manual: example added (r65680, r65681)
  • various manual wording tweaks
  • r.slope.aspect manual: example added (r65722, r65724)

Markus Neteler

  • add SVG files of startup banner to SVN (r65609 + r65609)
  • Fotowall photo collection (see above)
  • Como community sprint: T-Shirt logo draft (r65610)
  • Manage the Community Sprint budget (together with Luca Delucchi and Martin Landa)
  • trac configuration updated: possibility to download Addon source code as ZIP package (example: r.sun.daily) - joint work with Vaclav Petras
  • Partial cleanup of http://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/R_statistics - joint work with Vero Andreo
  • v.buffer manual: explain corners (caps) with screenshots r65712
  • d.legend manual: example + screenshot added r65718
  • minor stuff: r65694, r65695, r65691, r65692, r65683, r65685
  • tagged GRASS GIS 7.0.1RC2 (release_20150720_grass_7_0_1RC2)

Vaclav Petras

  • migrating tests to NC basic location (r65613)
  • supporting Ivan Mincik in Git synchronization for Travis CI
  • supporting Markus Neteler in Trac download links (needed for g.extension)
  • updating Python documentation (r65612)
  • test for g.extension (r65673)
  • refactoring and documentation of g.extension (r65676, r65688, r65711)
  • giving GRASS GIS contributing introduction to Ludmila Furtkevicova
  • supporting Annalisa Minelli in fixing r.agent/r.agent.aco compilation and source code layout
  • support for other sources of source code for g.extension (r65730, r65737)
    • supported syntax:
      • g.extension r.example (standard usage, uses official GRASS Addons repository and Subversion)
      • g.extension r.example svnurl=https://trac.osgeo.org/.../r.example?format=zip (ZIP file on the web)
      • g.extension r.example svnurl=/local/directory/r.example/ (directory on disk)
      • g.extension r.example svnurl=github.com/johnsmith/r.example (simple URL to GitHub repository, downloads a ZIP file)
    • only official repository supported on MS Windows (compilation is not possible)
    • local XML files cannot be properly updated as they are provided only in official repository
    • CRLF line endings are replaced by LF before compilation (advanatgeos for ZIPs from Trac and from ZIP providers using MS Windows)

Annalisa Minelli

Testing possible interactions between Gama-platform and GRASS trunk focusing on pre and post processing of data for the multi agent platform. Specifically:

Margherita Di Leo

Veronica Andreo

Luca Delucchi

  • Managing barbecue :-)
  • Starting to update g.gui.tplot to support stvds (r65640)
  • g.gui.tplot fixed problem with null value in CELL maps r65682
  • Fixed issue trac #2690 (r65674 r65675)
  • moved v.what.strds to trunk r65686, added testsuite r65704 and backported to release branch 7 r65705, closed ticket trac #2128
  • added TOC into keywords page r65713

Ivan Minčík

Overall Code Sprint page

OSGeo code sprint (one day): http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G-Europe_2015_Code_Sprint

Press release