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* commit small fix in i.histo.match (thanks to Nikos Alexandris) {{rev|54833}}
* commit small fix in i.histo.match (thanks to Nikos Alexandris) {{rev|54833}}
* update example for wxpython gui {{rev|54837}} - {{rev|54875}}
* update example for wxpython gui {{rev|54837}}, {{rev|54875}}
* work on pygrass:
* work on pygrass:
** cleanup {{rev|54882}} - {{rev|54903}}
** cleanup {{rev|54882}}, {{rev|54903}}
** tried and add doctest {{rev|54902}}
** test and add doctest {{rev|54902}}, {{rev|54917}}, {{rev|54919}}, {{rev|54923}}, {{rev|54924}}, {{rev|54933}}

=== [[User:NikosA|Nikos Alexandris]] ===
=== [[User:NikosA|Nikos Alexandris]] ===

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Vaclav Petras

Luca Delucchi

Nikos Alexandris

  • Translating GRASS in to Greek
    • debating with NikosV about terms translated in Greek :-p
  • Support bug-hunting
    • trying to compiled GRASS 70 under OS-X, support bug-hunting for the "volume visualization" problem and more (thanks to AnnaK)
  • Support enhancements
    • supporting YannC in enhancing i.landsat.toar, updating its manual

Ves Nikos

  • Translating grass GUI into Greek

Anna Kratochvilova

  • fix #1868 + some refactoring r54838
  • improved MapSwipe (cross mirrors cursor movement) r54884

Press release

... in 2013 ...

Notes for the organizers

See Talk:GRASS_Community_Sprint_Prague_2011#Notes_for_the_organizers

Not to forget about

First day:

  • presentation of participants

First or second day:

  • group photo