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Photos of the event

GRASS GIS 7 sprint team at FOSS4G 2017, France

GRASS GIS 7 sprint team at FOSS4G 2017, France


Great event, till 6pm at the venue, after that continuation in a hotel lobby.

Upcoming: 34 years of GRASS GIS - 29 July 2017!

Not discussed:

  • several items - one day is not enough :-) We will have a longer code sprint in Bonn in March 2018.


Participants and Reports

Martin Landa

  • SVN log overview
  • new functions for getting srs info based on EPSG code implemented - G_grass_to_osr2() and GPJ_grass_to_wkt2()
  • g.proj -w is now returning the same srs info as gdalsrsinfo do for given EPSG code

Markus Neteler

Anna Petrasova

  • SVN log overview
  • working on improving data catalog - r71309 adds moving and copying data between mapsets and locations, reprojects rasters and vectors, works with drag and drop too

Vaclav Petras

  • SVN log overview
  • Change wxGUI Map Display title from GRASS GIS version Map Display: name - Location: location@mapset to GRASS GIS Map Display: name - location/mapset (r71301)

Milena Nowotarska

Veronica Andreo

  • Creation of SENTINEL wiki page, basic info added and delineation of general structure for GRASS GIS examples to be added
  • Testing of v.rast.stats (trac #3357)
  • Add some more Spanish translated strings