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== Press release ==
== Press release ==
See http://grass.osgeo.org/news/33/15/Press-release-GRASS-GIS-Community-Sprint-2014-in-Vienna/

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Vienna2014 code sprint panorama tiny.jpg
... way more than 50 participants present!

*** NEWS ***

First beta release of GRASS GIS 7.0.0:

Individual reports

Luca Delucchi

Markus Neteler

  • Manual intro helptext: location structure graphics beautified (contributed by Milena Nowotarska)
  • demolocation: country_boundaries vector map added in r59303
  • r.li.*: backport of rewrite in trunk to GRASS 6.4.svn in r59305 and 6.5.svn in r59304 (trac #1214)
  • walking through the GRASS 7 bug reports
  • v.what.rast: centroid support added in r59341
  • Updated the QGIS Processing for GRASS GIS 7 (in parallel to GRASS GIS 6 support) - submitted to Pirmin and Victor

Martin Landa

  • Fix db.login on Windows r59318 + r59319
  • Update history when running module from dialog r59307
  • Various fixes relalated to Windows - r59338, r59347
  • New -gtext switch added - r59379
  • Move r.stream.* modules from addons to trunk
  • Rename r.statistics2 and r.statistics3 to r.stats.zonal and r.stats.quantile

Stepan Turek

Helmut Kudrnovsky

Margherita Di Leo

Milena Nowotarska

  • Improvements of manual v.split, v.parallel, v.segment r59355, r59320
  • location structure graphics beautified
  • testing vector modules on winGRASS
  • translation continued


See http://vienna2014.sprint.osgeo.org/2014/03/27/photos.html

Press release

See http://grass.osgeo.org/news/33/15/Press-release-GRASS-GIS-Community-Sprint-2014-in-Vienna/