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Photos of the event

To be added


To be added

Participants and Reports

Veronica Andreo

  • Add/enhance descriptions of tasks for Google Code-in (GCI) in shared spreadsheet
  • Discussions about GRASS GIS GCI tasks with Luca Delucchi
  • Create list of core modules and add-ons missing examples and screenshots (by means of:
  • Adding new and improved modules to NewFeatures74 page

Markus Neteler

  • GRASS GIS 8 discussions: improvements in the raster library:
    • add tile support for better large map support (Sentinel, global data, ...), supporting massive parallel computations
      • tiles could then be even stored on different nodes for speed optimization
      • e.g. develop a new virtual raster mapset "VRT" (special like PERMANENT)
        • reading:
          • or add tile support deeply into raster lib (Rast_get_row()
          • use name scheme? make use of segment library
          • problem: due to row compression always whole row is read even if computation region is smaller
        • writing:
          • more complex

Markus Metz

Moritz Lennert

  • Added tests to r.object.geometry and fixed a bug noticed through the test ;-)
  • Bug triaging
  • Started to put the 7.4.0-News page into place
  • Some discussions about raster format
  • Work on improving r.neighborhoodmatrix

Nikos Alexandris