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Photos of the event

To be added


To be added

Participants and Reports

Changes in trac: see here

Veronica Andreo

  • Add/enhance descriptions of tasks for Google Code-in (GCI) in shared spreadsheet
  • Discussions about GRASS GIS GCI tasks with Luca Delucchi
  • Create list of core modules and add-ons missing examples and screenshots (by means of:
  • Add new and improved modules to NewFeatures74 page and re-write it nicely
  • Upload of GRASS GIS flyer in Spanish with help of MN: svg, pdf
  • (re)Tweeting as

Markus Neteler

  • GRASS GIS 8 discussions: improvements in the raster library: tile support
  • Assist in production and upload of GRASS GIS flyer in Spanish with VA
  • manual: fix missing height HTML tags according to
  • Told Nikos about an ultra-fast and cool cmd line search tool (so much faster than "grep"):
    • Search for a function in the source code: ag grass_to_osr
    • Search for a function in the source code restricted to C files only: ag --cc grass_to_osr
    • ag --list-file-types
  • various module manual fixes and ticket cleanup
  • Re(Tweeting) to (a bit of marketing :-)
  • GRASS GIS 7.4.x release branch has been created in r71701
    • Remember that trunk is now called 7.5.svn, i.e. the trunk binary is called "grass75" and no longer "grass73".
    • many updates of grass72 --> grass74 in relbranch74
  • Web site:
    • cronjobs for G74 created and activated
    • a few Web pages updated for new upcoming release

Markus Metz

  • Some discussions about raster format and grass 8
  • made NULL file compression the default
  • fixing 7.4-tagged bugs:
    • fix vector support in GCP manager
    • r.out.gdal: export inf values
    • r.out.gdal: +option to add overviews
    • work on datum check at data import

Moritz Lennert

  • Added tests to r.object.geometry and fixed a bug noticed through the test ;-)
  • Bug triaging
  • 7.4 release preparation:
  • Some discussions about raster format and grass 8
  • Work on improving r.neighborhoodmatrix
  • Discussions on new web site
  • (unsuccessful) attempts at debugging g.gui.iclass

Nikos Alexandris