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Sponsors & Supporters

The GRASS Community sprint was kindly sponsored by FOSSGIS e.V. and coorganized by DIW Berlin, which provided the venue.

Participants and Reports

Summarizing press release: TODO

GRASS GIS community sprinters at DIW Berlin, 2019

GRASS GIS community sprinters at DIW Berlin, 2019 (animated GIF)

Peter Loewe

Community-Sprint 2019 Zenodo high level view
  • Discussion about Zenodo / GitHub integration
  • Set up of Wikipage about the Zenodo-GitHuB integration with all known facts and necessary steps tp dp this.
  • Investigating for social sciences and economic research.
  • Preparation of OSGeo as a software commons for upcoming FOSS4G in Bucarest.
  • Provision of Sprint infrastructure (coffee machine, vittles, display of holy GRASS relics, etc.)

Markus Neteler

Nicolas Bozon

Upcoming new GRASS GIS web site

Martin Landa

Ondřej Pešek

  • g.gui.gmodeler: Working on PyWPS export (see github commits overview)
  • Research and discussions about ANN-fueled semantic segmentation modules for GRASS GIS
  • Watching Sören's screenings of Mandelbrot's fractals

Anna Petrasova and Vaclav Petras

  • video call from sprint to sprint: Minneapolis OSGeo sprint <--> Berlin GRASS GIS community sprint
    • discussing GitHub migration and HowToGit document

Veronica Andreo

  • video call from Argentina
    • learning and testing with HowToGit document
    • discussion about progress of the new website

Anne Ghisla aka aghisla

  • Discuss with Peter about archiving of source code in Zenodo (one DOI per GRASS release, connection with git)
  • Follow closely the svn2git migration and the design of the new commit/push workflow
  • Start working on the HTML man pages, so that they refer to git for source code and last edit timestamp (GH-PR #11, work in progress)
  • Investigate a clean way of dropping Python 2.x support, to be done before 2020 (official EOL of Python 2.x)
  • Check with MarkusM how to update g.extension to use git - maybe the Debian Python Team's way can be of inspiration

Markus Metz