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Participants and Reports

Decisions made

  • New startup: New GUI startup procedure and roadmap for implementing it
    • We spent several hours over the course of the sprint discussing different alternatives and finding a best way to implement the one we have chosen.
  • Migration to GitHub: Keep current tickets on track open, but open new issues on GitHub.
    • Keep current tickets on track open (i.e., valid and to be used), but disable opening new tickets. People involved in old tickets can continue discussing there.
    • Open new issues on GitHub and direct all users there.
    • We just need to clarify on mailing list that if you opened or are following an issue on Trac, you should continue there.
    • No migration of issues to GitHub is needed which makes this plan simple to execute.
    • Everybody is encouraged to be more "aggressive" about closing old tickets on Trac which are now invalid or no longer relevant. Opening new updated issue after that on GitHub is welcome.

Also discussed

  • Windows builds:
    • In the long run, we need CMake build with subsequent MSVC (Microsoft Visual C++) compatibility changes for smooth CI/CD builds on Windows and easier packaging on Windows.
    • We need to test Azure Pipelines for Linux build (needed for both Windows and conda-forge builds).
    • conda-forge packaging is need as an alternative (other related projects are already using it, current macOS builds are already based on Conda packages).
    • Standalone Windows installer should include Jupyter (Jupyter Notebooks and/or JupyterLab).
  • Python scripting: Python API needs to be consolidated before 8.0.
    • The pygrass naming needs to be resolved.
    • Current grass.pygrass.modules need to be strictly separated from ctypes dependencies.
    • The duplication between run_command() family and grass.pygrass.modules needs to be resolved.
    • The concept of running in different sessions needs to be explicitly supported and expressed in API.
      • Use response to an unknown method call (__getattr__()) in implementation of a session object which then (in __getattr__()) passes the right env to the called function.
      • This applies not only to module call wrappers, but to all functions which call modules in the background.
      • ctypes-based API probably always need to use the current session.
      • Temporal libraries are unclear.
  • Release terminology: Perhaps we should call releases just releases, not adding "stable" like now. After couple of minor versions (when the branch is widely tested), the specific minor release and subsequent minor releases would be called stable. For example, 7.8.0, 7.8.1, and 7.8.2 would be simply releases while 7.8.3 would be marked stable and each subsequent release such as 7.8.4 and 7.8.5 would be stable release as well.
  • Terminal started with GUI: Terminal should be removed or at least not shown by default on Windows. Other platforms need to be discussed, but it should be at least possible to configure GRASS GIS like that or start it with nohup (trac #3295).

Vaclav Petras

Martin Landa

  • GUI welcome screen discussion
wxGUI startup screen discussion

Anna Petrasova

Ondrej Pesek

Markus Neteler (remote)