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Project Title: GRASS GIS contributors meeting in Solany Feb 5-8 2016

What is to be funded?

Food and drinks

How many participants are expected?

4-5 participants

How to fund? (financially, with material resources, in-kind ...)


How much money is needed?

Community Sprint cost estimate Euro
Reimbursements for participants 0.00
Public Transport 5.00
Promo (T-Shirts + stickers) 0.00
Office stuff 0.00
Small food + Drinks 70.00

What relationship has the proposed project to GRASS GIS?

The event is fully related to GRASS development.

Is the event additionally sponsored by others?


What are the consequences of funding / non-funding?

The participants would need to pay expenses out of their own pocket.

What kind of documentation / reporting will be delivered after the event?

Wiki report similar to last meeting.

Contact info


Mail to PSC mailing list sent?

Decision taken

Report after the event

Comments from community