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Proposal for Google SoC 2010

To continue in wxNviz development which has been started in the frame of Google Summer of Code 2008.

Main goals:

  1. To implement all missing features from TCL/TK nviz application and replace nviz by wxNviz in GRASS 7 (remove TCL/TK dependency)
    • Lighting
    • Decoration (labels, north arrow, scale bar, legend, fringe)
    • Querying (rasters, vectors, volumes)
    • Cutting planes, scaled difference
    • Animations
    • Scripting, including replacement for tool to generate images for dynamic surfaces
    • Point symbols sized and colored based on attributes
    • Make wxNviz working on MS Windows
    • Add more features here...
  2. New features
  3. (optional) Design and implement text displaying and styling in OGSF library and it's front-end wxNVIZ. Solution should be user configurable (fonts, colors, effects etc.) and multilanguage friendly.
  4. (optional) Design and implement user-provided symbol support in OGSF library and it's front-end wxNVIZ. Solution should support GRASS symbols and/or SVG symbols.