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Line 87: Line 87:
| ''Terrain analysis''
| ''Terrain analysis''
| TA
| TA
| Different kind of analysis: soil ({{cmd|r.sun,|version=70}}), terrain ({{cmd|r.slope.aspect|version=70}}, {{cmd|r.los|version=70}}), geomorphometry ({{cmd|r.param.scale|version=70}})
| Different kind of analysis: soil ({{cmd|r.sun|version=70}}), terrain ({{cmd|r.slope.aspect|version=70}}, {{cmd|r.los|version=70}}), geomorphometry ({{cmd|r.param.scale|version=70}})
| ''Raster analysis''
| ''Raster analysis''
Line 293: Line 293:
| {{cmd|i.cca|version=70}} || T || IM
| {{cmd|i.cca|version=70}} || T || IM
| {{cmd|i.colors.enhance|version=70}} || C ||
| {{cmd|i.cluster|version=70}} || C ||
| {{cmd|i.cluster|version=70}} || C ||
Line 300: Line 302:
| {{cmd|i.eb.evapfr|version=70}} || T || IM
| {{cmd|i.eb.evapfr|version=70}} || T || IM
| {{cmd|i.eb.h_sebal01|version=70}} || T || IM
| {{cmd|i.eb.hsebal01|version=70}} || T || IM
| {{cmd|i.eb.soilheatflux|version=70}} || T || IM
| {{cmd|i.eb.soilheatflux|version=70}} || T || IM
Line 325: Line 327:
| {{cmd|i.in.spotvgt|version=70}} || T || IO
| {{cmd|i.in.spotvgt|version=70}} || T || IO
| {{cmd|i.landsat.rgb|version=70}} || C ||
| {{cmd|i.latlong|version=70}} || T || IM
| {{cmd|i.latlong|version=70}} || T || IM

Latest revision as of 04:43, 13 November 2020

Note that this page is outdated since recently (Apr 2013) new toolboxes for GRASS wxGUI were introduced. See Trac wiki for development issues.

The old content of this page was moved to the Trac wiki. The only things which remains here are the tables which are almost empty, not completed or copied to trac anyway. The only useful tables are those about toolboxes in addons.

List of toolboxes

Toolbox name Toolbox code Description Correlate toolbox
3D Raster R3 All `r3.*` modules
3D Visualization V3 nviz_cmd
Atmospheric tools AT Subset of image processing tool
Cartography CA ps.map, ps.output
Database DB All `db.*` modules Vector analysis
Geostatistcal GS v.krige maybe other
Hydrology HY r.watershed, r.terraflow, `r.stream.*` modules in addons, maybe other, r.flow, r.sim.water, r.sim.sediment Raster analysis
Image Processing IM All `i.*` modules, selected r.* modules
Interoperability tools IO All the various import/export modules except for GDAL/OGR Raster analysis, Vector analysis, Image Processing, Database
Landscape analysis LA All `r.li.*` modules, maybe other Raster analysis
Lidar analysis LI All `v.lidar.*` modules, v.surf.bspline, r.in.xyz
Linear Reference Systems LS All `v.lrs.*` modules Vector analysis
Network analysis NA All `v.net.*` modules, maybe other Vector analysis
Raster analysis RA A lot of basic `r.*` modules (like r.buffer, r.reclass, r.fillnull...)
Terrain analysis TA Different kind of analysis: soil (r.sun), terrain (r.slope.aspect, r.los), geomorphometry (r.param.scale) Raster analysis
Vector analysis VA A lot of basic `v.*` modules (like v.buffer, v.centroid, v.overlay...) Database

List of modules (trunk)


Module Core/Tools/Addons Toolbox(es)
d.barscale ?
d.colorlist ?
d.colortable ?
d.correlate ?
d.erase ?
d.font ?
d.fontlist ?
d.geodesic ?
d.graph ?
d.grid ?
d.his ?
d.histogram ?
d.info ?
d.labels ?
d.legend ?
d.linegraph ?
d.nviz ?
d.path ?
d.polar ?
d.profile ?
d.rast ?
d.rast.arrow ?
d.rast.edit ?
d.rast.leg ?
d.rast.num ?
d.rgb ?
d.rhumbline ?
d.shadedmap ?
d.text ?
d.thematic.area ?
d.title ?
d.vect ?
d.vect.chart ?
d.vect.thematic ?
d.where ?


Module Core/Tools/Addons Toolbox(es)
db.columns ?
db.connect ?
db.copy ?
db.createdb ?
db.databases ?
db.describe ?
db.drivers ?
db.dropcolumn ?
db.dropdb ?
db.droptable ?
db.droptable ?
db.execute ?
db.in.ogr ?
db.login ?
db.out.ogr ?
db.select ?
db.tables ?
db.test ?


Module Core/Tools/Addons Toolbox(es)
g.access C
g.cairocomp C
g.copy C
g.dirseps C
g.extension C
g.filename C
g.findetc C
g.findfile C
g.gisenv C
g.gui C
g.list C
g.manual C
g.mapset C
g.mapsets C
g.message C
g.mkfontcap C
g.mlist C
g.mremove C
g.parser C
g.pnmcomp C
g.ppmtopng C
g.proj C
g.region C
g.remove C
g.rename C
g.tempfile C
g.transform C
g.version C


Module Core/Tools/Addons Toolbox(es)
i.albedo T IM
i.atcorr C
i.biomass T IM
i.cca T IM
i.colors.enhance C
i.cluster C
i.eb.eta T IM
i.eb.evapfr T IM
i.eb.hsebal01 T IM
i.eb.soilheatflux T IM
i.emissivity T IM
i.evapo.time T IM
i.fft C
i.fusion.brovey C
i.gensig C
i.gensigset C
i.group C
i.his.rgb C
i.ifft C
i.image.mosaic C
i.in.spotvgt T IO
i.latlong T IM
i.maxlik C
i.modis.qc T IM
i.oif T IM
i.pca C
i.rectify C
i.rgb.his C
i.smap C
i.spectral T IM
i.sunhours T IM
i.target C
i.tasscap T IM
i.vi T IM
i.zc T IM


Module Core/Tools/Addons Toolbox(es)
m.cogo ?
m.measure ?
m.proj ?


Module Core/Tools/Addons Toolbox(es)
ps.map C


Module Core/Tools/Addons Toolbox(es)
r.basins.fill T TA
r.bitpattern T IM
r.blend C
r.buffer C
r.buffer2 C
r.carve T TA
r.category C
r.circle T RA
r.clump C
r.coin T RA
r.colors C
r.colors.out T RA
r.colors.stddev T RA
r.composite T IM
r.compress C
r.contour C
r.cost T RA
r.covar T RA
r.cross T RA
r.describe C
r.distance T RA
r.drain T RA
r.external C
r.external.out C
r.fill.dir T HY
r.fillnulls T RA
r.flow T HY
r.grow C
r.grow.distance C
r.gwflow T HY
r.his T IM
r.horizon T TA
r.in.arc T IO
r.in.ascii T IO
r.in.aster T IO
r.in.bin T IO
r.in.gdal C
r.in.gridatb T IO
r.in.mat T IO
r.in.png T IO
r.in.poly T IO
r.in.srtm T IO
r.in.wms T IO
r.in.xyz C
r.info C
r.kappa T RA
r.lake T HY
r.li.cwed T LA
r.li.dominance T LA
r.li.edgedensity T LA
r.li.mpa T LA
r.li.mps T LA
r.li.padcv T LA
r.li.padrange T LA
r.li.padsd T LA
r.li.patchdensity T LA
r.li.patchnum T LA
r.li.richness T LA
r.li.shannon T LA
r.li.shape T LA
r.li.simpson T LA
r.los T TA
r.mapcalc C
r.mask C
r.mfilter T RA
r.mode T RA
r.neighbors C
r.null C
r.out.arc T IO
r.out.ascii T IO
r.out.bin T IO
r.out.gdal C
r.out.gridatb T IO
r.out.mat T IO
r.out.mpeg T IO
r.out.png T IO
r.out.pov T IO
r.out.ppm T IO
r.out.ppm3 T IO
r.out.tiff T IO
r.out.vrml T IO
r.out.vtk T IO
r.out.xyz C
r.param.scale T TA
r.patch C
r.plane T RA
r.profile T TA
r.proj C
r.quant C
r.quantile T RA
r.random T RA
r.random.cells T RA
r.random.surface T RA
r.reclass C
r.reclass.area C
r.recode C
r.region C
r.regression.line T RA
r.report C
r.resamp.bspline C
r.resamp.filter C
r.resamp.interp C
r.resamp.rst C
r.resamp.stats C
r.resample C
r.rescale C
r.rescale.eq C
r.ros T RA
r.series C
r.shaded.relief C
r.sim.sediment T HY
r.sim.water T HY
r.slope.aspect T TA
r.solute.transport T HY
r.spread T RA
r.spreadpath T RA
r.statistics C
r.statistics2 C
r.statistics3 C
r.stats C
r.sun T TA
r.sunmask T TA
r.support C
r.support.stats C
r.surf.area T TA
r.surf.contour T TA
r.surf.fractal T TA
r.surf.gauss T RA
r.surf.idw T RA
r.surf.idw2 T RA
r.surf.random T RA
r.terraflow T HY
r.texture T RA
r.thin C
r.tileset ?
r.timestamp C
r.to.rast3 C
r.to.rast3elev C
r.to.vect C
r.topidx T HY
r.topmodel T HY
r.transect T RA
r.univar C
r.uslek T HY
r.usler T HY
r.volume T RA
r.walk T TA
r.water.outlet T HY
r.watershed T HY
r.what C
r.what.color C

3D raster (voxel)

Module Core/Tools/Addons Toolbox(es)
r3.cross.rast T 3D Raster
r3.gwflow T 3D Raster
r3.in.ascii T 3D Raster
r3.in.v5d T 3D Raster
r3.info T 3D Raster
r3.mapcalc T 3D Raster
r3.mask T 3D Raster
r3.mkdspf T 3D Raster
r3.null T 3D Raster
r3.out.ascii T 3D Raster
r3.out.v5d T 3D Raster
r3.out.vtk T 3D Raster
r3.stats T 3D Raster
r3.timestamp T 3D Raster
r3.to.rast T 3D Raster
r3.univar T 3D Raster


Module Core/Tools/Addons Toolbox(es)
v.autokrige ?
v.buffer C
v.build C
v.build.all C
v.build.polylines C
v.category C
v.centroids C
v.class C
v.clean C
v.colors C
v.convert T IO
v.convert.all T IO
v.db.addcolumn ?
v.db.addtable ?
v.db.connect ?
v.db.dropcolumn ?
v.db.droprow ?
v.db.droptable ?
v.db.join ?
v.db.reconnect.all ?
v.db.renamecolumn ?
v.db.select ?
v.db.univar ?
v.db.update ?
v.delaunay ?
v.dissolve C
v.distance ?
v.drape ?
v.edit C
v.external C
v.extract C
v.extrude ?
v.generalize ?
v.hull ?
v.in.ascii T IO
v.in.db C
v.in.dxf T IO
v.in.e00 T IO
v.in.geonames T IO
v.in.gns T IO
v.in.lines T IO
v.in.mapgen T IO
v.in.ogr C
v.in.postgis T IO
v.in.region C
v.in.sites T IO
v.in.sites.all T IO
v.in.wfs T IO
v.info C
v.kcv ?
v.kernel ?
v.krige ?
v.label ?
v.lidar.correction ?
v.lidar.edgedetection ?
v.lidar.growing ?
v.lrs.create ?
v.lrs.label ?
v.lrs.segment ?
v.lrs.where ?
v.mkgrid ?
v.neighbors ?
v.net ?
v.net.alloc ?
v.net.allpairs ?
v.net.bridge ?
v.net.centrality ?
v.net.components ?
v.net.connectivity ?
v.net.distance ?
v.net.flow ?
v.net.iso ?
v.net.path ?
v.net.salesman ?
v.net.spanningtree ?
v.net.steiner ?
v.net.timetable ?
v.net.visibility ?
v.normal ?
v.out.ascii T IO
v.out.dxf T IO
v.out.gps T IO
v.out.ogr C
v.out.postgis T IO
v.out.pov T IO
v.out.svg T IO
v.out.vtk T IO
v.outlier ?
v.overlay ?
v.parallel ?
v.patch ?
v.perturb ?
v.proj C
v.qcount ?
v.random ?
v.rast.stats ?
v.reclass ?
v.report ?
v.sample ?
v.segment ?
v.select ?
v.split ?
v.support C
v.surf.bspline ?
v.surf.idw ?
v.surf.rst ?
v.to.3d ?
v.to.db ?
v.to.points ?
v.to.rast ?
v.to.rast3 ?
v.transform ?
v.type ?
v.univar ?
v.vol.rst ?
v.voronoi ?
v.what ?
v.what.rast ?
v.what.vect ?


Module Core/Tools/Addons Toolbox(es)
nviz ?
nviz_cmd ?
wximgview ?
wxpyimgview ?
xganim ?
ximgview ?

List of selected AddOns modules

See GRASS AddOns for full list of available modules. Feel free to extend this list.

Module Core/Tools/Addons Toolbox(es) Note
r.stream.channel T HY
r.stream.distance T HY
r.stream.extract T HY
r.stream.order T HY
r.stream.segment T HY
r.stream.slope T HY
r.stream.snap T HY
r.stream.stats T HY
r.seg T IM It could be rename to `i.seg`
i.topocorr T IM
r.diversity T LA
Ps.output ?
... ?