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Introduction and Rationale

As GRASS is growing in size and functionality and trageting new user groups through being ported to windows, getting a greater attention as a OSGEO project and the new GUI in development it is time to consider the usability of the program. This augmented visibilty will bring many new users to GRASS who may have known GRASS for long but never dared to use it for one or the other reasons. Other may be totally new to GIS and geospacial analysis or drawn to GRASS by its gret capabilities. GRASS should have the best possible user interface to provide a appealing working environment to the new and experienced users to enable them to do their work effectively and without reading tons of documentation and maillist archives.

The great Chance

OpenUsability the initiative that promotes usability in free and open source software (F/OSS) development has a call open until February 20th for interested projects to benefit from the work of willing students to review and improve overall usability or the usability of special parts of a program just as Google Summer of Code does it with new program feature. GRASS should strongly consider appliying and take this nice opportunity for the reasons mentioned above

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