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==== Download ====
==== Download ====
* [http://grass.osgeo.org/download Source code and binaries]
* [http://grass.osgeo.org/download Source code and binaries]
* '''[[AddOns]]'''
* GRASS GIS '''[[AddOns]]'''
* [[Promotional material]]
* [[Sample datasets]]
* [[Sample datasets]]
* [[Global datasets]]
* [[Global datasets]]
* [[Promotional material]]

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Ideas to refresh the GRASS-Wiki main page

The main page deserves a Refreshment action!

  • Remove the GRASS-GIS logo from the "Welcome" box -- duplication not required!
  • Licensing info can/should be attached to the welcome box, after the description of GRASS-GIS
  • The Donate frame can/should be placed near to the Ohloh link
  • The OSGeo Foundation logo can/should be placed below the GRASS-GIS logo (top-left) <-- access to MediaWiki's installation directories is probably required (?)
  • Orphan links below the "Donate" frame can be redistributed -- e.g. moved on the very left, permanent, column of the Wiki -- and/or receive a heading
  • What's hot should be top-to-bottom, current and newest-to-oldest, timely sorted
  • more ideas to come...

The GRASS-Wiki main page

Welcome to the GRASS GIS Users Wiki

GRASS GIS is a Geographic Information System used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics/map production, spatial modeling, and visualization.

On this Wiki, you can get and contribute to GRASS related information, documents and community provided add-ons programs. To edit here, you need to register and login first (see top right link).

For GRASS at a glance, see core features. For usage examples, see the screenshots gallery and Applications.

GRASS GIS is licensed under GNU GPL

What's hot:

User Documentation and Support


Have a look at the GRASS GIS users worldwide GRASS GIS User Online. If you operate a GRASS GIS installation, you are welcome to enter your user data there.

Project Metrics provided by Ohloh

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