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Nikos Alexandris

== Other userpages ==

[ Userpage at OSGeo's wiki]

== Contact ==

nik at nikosalexandris dot net

== Scratching ideas for the GRASS-wiki ==

=== GRASS-GIS logo ===

|[[File:current_grasswiki_logo.png|thumb|border|center|link=|The current GRASS-GIS wiki logo... is where?]]
|[[File:180px-500px-Grass_GIS.svg_altered.png|thumb|border|center|link=|The official GRASS-GIS vector logogram|alt=The official GRASS-GIS logogram]]

=== GRASS-Wiki native colors ===

Should GRASS-Wiki pages wear GRASS' native colors?

Or else... ?

<div style="margin:0; margin-top:10px; margin-right:10px; border:1px solid #4da948; padding:0em 1em 1em 1em; background-color:#dcdcdc;">
Some random example: light grey font-color (#dcdcdc), green border (#4da948)

* style the tab-bar to approach the grass-gis website?

== Better typography ==

Review and possibly alter:
* move ToC on the right, make it fixed!
* linespacing (between hierarchy elements!)
* indentation of code blocks -- might improve readability
* (non-code) text wrapping -- narrower body text column, easier to read

Related sources:

=== Distance between ToC and 1st Section ===

Match Media-Wiki's bigger distance from ToC to 1st Section!

| [[File:Grasswiki_distance_between_toc_and_section.png|thumb|left|alt=GRASS-Wiki, distance between ToC and 1st Section|GRASS-Wiki, distance between ToC and 1st Section]]
| [[File:Mediawiki_distance_between_toc_and_section.png|thumb|left|alt=Media-Wiki, distance between ToC and 1st Section|Media-Wiki, distance between ToC and 1st Section]]

=== Distance between Sections ===

Seems to be the same, for some reason, anyhow, some lengthy GRASS-pages look overfilled/noisy!

| [[File:Grasswiki_distance_between_sections.png|thumb|left|GRASS-Wiki, distance between Sections]]
| [[File:Mediawiki_distance_between_sections.png|thumb|left|Media-Wiki, distance between Sections]]

The [ GRASS-Wiki Special Pages] are nicely structured, easy to read. Is there, and what exactly, a formatting difference with the "dafault" GRASS-Wiki pages?

[[File:Grasswiki_special_pages_distance_between_sections.png|border|center|alt=Distance between Sections in GRASS-Wiki's ''Special Pages'' page|Distance between Sections in GRASS-Wiki's ''Special Pages'' page]]

=== Various Links ===
* [ GRASS-Wiki, distance between ToC and 1st Section]
* [ Media-Wiki, distance between ToC and 1st Section]

* [ GRASS-Wiki, distance between Sections]
* [ Media-Wiki, distance between Sections]

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