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This page is about support of OGC web coverage services (WCS) in GRASS GIS.

Metasites and collections of WCS servers

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One option is to register the WCS service via r.external.

First create ASCII file with this content, named e.g. "wcs_geoserver_LL.wcs":


or simply download this file from here.

Start GRASS in a latlong location (EPSG 4326), then register the WCS file:

r.external input=wcs_geoserver_LL.wcs output=wcs_data

Then you can look at the map in the wxGUI map display:

Import of WCS via r.external, display with RGB viewer

In order to limit the WCS to a bounding box (e.g. from current region) a GDAL vrt file can be created from the WCS ASCII file using gdalbuildvrt:

gdalbuildvrt wcs_geoserver_LL_BB.vrt wcs_geoserver_LL.wcs -te xmin ymin xmax ymax

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