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This page OGC Web Coverage Services (WCS) support in GRASS GIS.

Metasites and collections of WCS servers


One option is to register the WCS service via r.external.

First create ASCII file with this content, named e.g. "wcs_geoserver_LL.wcs":


or simply download this file from here.

Start GRASS in a latlong location (EPSG 4326), then register the WCS file:

r.external input=wcs_geoserver_LL.wcs output=wcs_data

Then you can look at the map in the wxGUI map display:

Import of WCS via r.external, display with RGB viewer

In order to limit the WCS to a bounding box (e.g. from current region) a GDAL vrt file can be created from the WCS ASCII file using gdalbuildvrt:

gdalbuildvrt wcs_geoserver_LL_BB.vrt wcs_geoserver_LL.wcs -te xmin ymin xmax ymax

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