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This wiki is a first draft roadmap of priorities for the migration from CMSMS website ( to Wordpress ( a Hugo/git based solution.

Why a new Website

First impressions is usually the influence that gives the biggest effect and our current CMSMS website is getting completely dated and non-attractive. Therefore, to redesign GRASS GIS website is of high priority for the project. Moreover, the current site is pretty hard to maintain and most of the work is done by one or two persons. This becomes a pretty heavy task in ocassions. Most importantly, the old CMSMS is not responsive, i.e., not mobile friendly, which prevents GRASS GIS users and especially potential new users to browse related contents on mobile. This is nowadays an important drawback as compared with other projects and proprietary options.

To enable more people to contribute and contents to be more discoverable and easy to browse, a complete redesign with different technology is planned. Particularly, we consider static website design through HUGO which has several assets over Sphinx, including more web design freedom and many responsive theme available to build on. Moreover, content can be written in Markdown which is much simpler than HTML. We plan to host the site on a git-flavored instance as well, so contributions are significantly eased as compared with the current CMSMS.

For these reasons, we believe it’s imperative to refresh our website in line with recent design trends, technological advancements and search engine algorithms. In this way, we are confident that more people will contribute to keep it alive with blog posts and examples as well as with maintenance. Moreover, GRASS GIS contents will be more discoverable for the newcomers, which we hope will then benefit the whole OSGeo community.


Desired content

  • ...
  • ... your ideas here (but please check also below for existing content)

Existing content - to be restructured

High priority


The team:

Software (see also "To be merged"):

Sample Data:


Use cases:


To be merged

These 3 pages should become a single page sponsorship

These should be all combined into download/software (see also above)

To be merged

All these screenshots could be converted into a "Gallery", for example

Low priority

Move to trac dev wiki

To be moved to user wiki

To be trashed