WinGRASS 6 Current Status

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This page describes the current status of winGRASS development. Precompiled native winGRASS packages are available here.

What is missing?

  • Display drivers: Use gis.m instead of monitors.
  • i.class,, i.points, i.vpoints, r.terraflow

Known problems

  • Zooming and panning do not work.
  • Have to add c:\mingw\bin to PATH on some systems.
    • Shouldn't c:\mingw\bin be in PATH by MinGW install?
  • Cannot create a new mapset.
    • TclTk -permissions option is specific to UNIX like systems.
  • Cannot change map formatting (colors, type, etc.).
  • Cannot display a thematic layer.
    • can't read "_data(.gronsole.gronsole,4,donecmd)": no such element in array error


  • Change prompt.