WinGRASS 6 Current Status

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This page describes the current status of winGRASS development. Precompiled native winGRASS packages are available here.

What is missing?

  • Display drivers: socket
    • Use gis.m instead of monitors.
    • Make gis.m Output window more like xterm. No need to hit Run.
    • Is there any way that the Map Display in gis.m can interact with console commands? IPC? File Alteration Monitor?
  • i.class: SIGALRM, SIGTSTP (are these signals important?)
  • wait()
  • wait()
  • i.points: wait()
  • i.vpoints: wait()
  • r.terraflow: getrusage()

Known problems

  • modules not working: r.proj (v.proj too?),, v.neighbors, v.kernel, r.cost
  • Cannot open Help pages.
  • Have to add c:\mingw\bin to PATH on some systems.
    • You should have typed c:/mingw instead of c:\mingw when asked by the MinGW installer.
  • Have to type "exit" in the console to save ~/.grassrc file. Then, close gis.m to finish the session.

The following items cannot be fixed in the near future:

TclTk issues

Other libraries


  • lib/gis/OBJ.*/fmode.o is needed for any GRASS related modules.
  • modified to install binary files from wrapper scripts.