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** {{AddonCmd|r.futures.devpressure}}
** {{AddonCmd|r.futures.devpressure}}
** {{AddonCmd|r.sample.category}}
** {{AddonCmd|r.sample.category}}
* R (≥ 3.0.2) - needed for {{AddonCmd||r.futures.potential}} with packages:
* R (≥ 3.0.2) - needed for {{AddonCmd|r.futures.potential}} with packages:
**MuMIn, lme4, optparse, rgrass7
**MuMIn, lme4, optparse, rgrass7
* SciPy - useful for {{AddonCmd||r.futures.demand}}
* SciPy - useful for {{AddonCmd|r.futures.demand}}

== Workshop data ==
== Workshop data ==

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Workshop introduction

r.futures.* is an implementation of FUTure Urban-Regional Environment Simulation (FUTURES)[1] which is a model for multilevel simulations of emerging urban-rural landscape structure. FUTURES produces regional projections of landscape patterns using coupled submodels that integrate nonstationary drivers of land change: per capita demand (DEMAND submodel), site suitability (POTENTIAL submodel), and the spatial structure of conversion events (PGA submodel).

[1] Meentemeyer, R. K., Tang, W., Dorning, M. A., Vogler, J. B., Cunniffe, N. J., & Shoemaker, D. A. (2013). FUTURES: multilevel simulations of emerging urban-rural landscape structure using a stochastic patch-growing algorithm. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 103(4), 785-807


Required software includes:

Workshop data

Download sample dataset containing:

  • digital elevation model (NED)
  • NLCD 2001, 2011
  • NLCD 1992/2001 Retrofit Land Cover Change Product
  • transportation network (TIGER)
  • county boundaries (TIGER)
  • protected areas (Secured Lands)
  • cities as points (USGS)
  • county population past estimates and future projections (NC OSBM) per county (nonspatial)

GRASS GIS introduction

Modeling with FUTURES