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{{YouTube|LsTdYpEcP1M|desc=Commands protocol}}
{{YouTube|LsTdYpEcP1M|desc=Commands protocol}}
== Map Calculator ==
== Raster calculator ==
{{YouTube|yMpVVRaVYeA|desc=Calculating NDVI}}
{{YouTube|yMpVVRaVYeA|desc=Calculating NDVI}}

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This page contains video tutorials for wxGUI.

Import vector data

Importing multiple vector (e.g., SHAPE) files:

Bulk import of vector files via menu
Bulk import of multiple SHAPES via menu (files are auto-selected)

Importing single shapefile
Importing multiple shapefiles
Importing SpatiaLite layers
Importing PostGIS layers into GRASS

Import raster data

Importing multiple GeoTIFF files:

Bulk import of GeoTIFF via menu
Bulk import of GeoTIFF via menu (files are auto-selected)

Link vector data (GRASS 7)

Link PostGIS layers as GRASS vector maps

Map display

Define legend and export to image


Georectifying raster data in GRASS 7

Graphical modeler

Layer Manager: Searching GRASS module

Search for GRASS module (GRASS 6.4.2 required)

Layer Manager: Commands protocol

Commands protocol

Raster calculator

Calculating NDVI

wxGUI 3D view mode (wxNviz)

See wxNviz page.

Spatial query (v.select)

Select streets which are crossed by railway