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== Add web service layer==
== Link vector data (GRASS 7) ==
== Link vector data (GRASS 7) ==
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{{YouTube|LsTdYpEcP1M|desc=Commands protocol}}
{{YouTube|LsTdYpEcP1M|desc=Commands protocol}}
== Map Calculator ==
== Raster calculator ==
{{YouTube|yMpVVRaVYeA|desc=Calculating NDVI}}
{{YouTube|yMpVVRaVYeA|desc=Calculating NDVI}}
{{youTube|zADAJD3sytI|desc=Extracting elevation higher then 1000 meters}}
== wxGUI 3D view mode (wxNviz) ==
== wxGUI 3D view mode (wxNviz) ==

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This page contains video tutorials for wxGUI.

Import vector data

Importing multiple vector (e.g., SHAPE) files:

Bulk import of vector files via menu
Bulk import of multiple SHAPES via menu (files are auto-selected)

Importing single shapefile
Importing multiple shapefiles
Importing SpatiaLite layers
Importing PostGIS layers into GRASS

Import raster data

Importing multiple GeoTIFF files:

Bulk import of GeoTIFF via menu
Bulk import of GeoTIFF via menu (files are auto-selected)

Add web service layer

Link vector data (GRASS 7)

Link PostGIS layers as GRASS vector maps

Map display

Define legend and export to image


Georectifying raster data in GRASS 7

Graphical modeler

Layer Manager: Searching GRASS module

Search for GRASS module (GRASS 6.4.2 required)

Layer Manager: Commands protocol

Commands protocol

Raster calculator

Calculating NDVI
Extracting elevation higher then 1000 meters

wxGUI 3D view mode (wxNviz)

See wxNviz page.

Spatial query (v.select)

Select streets which are crossed by railway