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* legend
* legend
* text labels
* text labels
* eps (image, north arrow)

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<center><gallery widths=300px heights=300px>
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== Video tutorial ==
== Video tutorial ==
{{YouTube|ZMwuC14omyA}} {{YouTube|s0gYrGuzzpo}}
{{YouTube|XKXtwoMh6Kk|desc=How to add north arrow}}
== Input ==
== Input ==

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For development issues see Trac page.

ps.map (see also ps.output) is a cartographic composer, intended to be a stand-alone hardcopy plot generator. It is not meant to be a Print button for the maps currently displayed in the map canvas, that will need it own controls.

The Cartographic Composer (so called wx.psmap) is a GUI application which allows GRASS users to prepare interactively hardcopy map outputs. The application can write a instructions file for GRASS module ps.map, and then run this module on the background to create PostScript output directly. See the announcement in the mailing list.

The Cartographic Composer is available in GRASS 6.4.2+ from the menu

File -> Cartographic Composer

or from the toolbar

wx.psmap - draft mode

The GUI currently supports the most important mapping instructions

  • paper
  • scale
  • maploc
  • rast
  • vects
  • scalebar
  • mapinfo
  • legend
  • text labels
  • eps (image, north arrow)

Video tutorial

How to add north arrow


  • Ability to load in saved ps.map instructions file. I consider this to be a low priority, deal with it after map creation is fully functional. Start with scripts saved using the GUI, after that is working expand to load any ps.map instructions file.


  • ps.map instructions file
  • PostScript file
  • PDF file

Map Output Examples

Examples were created within A. Kratochvilova's bachelor thesis