WxGUI Supervised Classification Tool

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For development issues see Trac page.

wxIClass is a wxGUI extension. See the manual.

Generates spectral signatures for an image by allowing the user to outline regions of interest. The resulting signature file can be used as input for i.maxlik or as a seed signature file for i.cluster. (cited from i.class manual)

wxIClass is available in GRASS 7 from the menu

File -> Imagery -> Classify image -> Interactive input for supervised classification

wxIClass currently allows to:

  • create training areas (using vector digitizer)
  • show histograms for each band and class (category)
  • show coincidence plots for each band
  • show raster cells that match training areas (within the number of standard deviations specified)
  • specify color of class
  • write signature file
  • import/export vector map with training areas
wxGUI Supervised Classification Tool in action

Video tutorial