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See also wxGUI.Nviz manual page.

wxNviz is a wxGUI extension which allows users to realistically render multiple surfaces (raster data) in a 3D space, optionally using thematic coloring, draping 2D vector data over the surfaces, displaying 3D vector data in the space, and visualization of volume data (3D raster data).


2008-06-27: Display raster map from layer tree in 2.5D (surface)
2008-07-05: Support for vector data (2D lines) added
2008-07-26: Support for vector point data
2008-08-02: 3D vector data support
2008-08-09: Initial support for volumetric data
2010-05-31: 3D view tools window integrated into Layer Manager
Lighting control panel in Layer Manager (2010-06-17)
Fringe control panel in Layer Manager (2010-06-23)
Redirect messages to wxGUI (2010-08-08)
Displaying raster (surface), 2D vector and 3D raster (volume) in the 3D space (2010-08-16)



Known issues

  • List of open and closed tickets
  • Light settings do not work on Mac
  • Adding vector data crashes wxGUI on Mac
  • Rendering at fine resolution works only when changing viewing position or clicking the buttons that increase the numbers for perspective, twist, height and z-exag. Moving sliders does the required change but there is no redraw to full resolution
  • Viewing height sometimes sets to 1 after switching to 2D and back to 3D View (or with the simultaneous 2D view - very nice feature) and even after View is reset, it keeps getting back at 1 each time the slider is touched
  • Typing in the height or z-exag numbers and ENTER does not do anything but the typed number gets accepted after clicking on the increase/decrease button, it is not possible to set the height value beyond the initial maximum
  • Adding fringe just flashes it but it does not stay
  • Isosurfaces tested with Nags Head time series data (I will provide link) don't seem to be working, after setting 3D region and adding 3D raster nothing gets drawn, when moving the related DEM around only line rectangle shows instead of a box.
it shows only rectangle instead of box* Adding draw, draw current and clear button may be useful

Missing features

  • cutting planes for multiple surfaces
  • 3D points with multiple attributes

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