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Luca Delucchi

  • creation of v.pack and v.unpack modules add upload in GRASS addons (please test it add bug report) r46388
  • fix a bug on pyModis with Stefano Cavallari, the library that I'll use for r.modis [1]
  • implement a new class in pyModis to parse XML files of MODIS products [2]
  • create wiki page for my Google summer of code project r.modis

Martin Landa

Vaclav Petras

  • wxGUI menu customization - r46397
  • wxGUI GSelect height customization - r46397

Markus Neteler

  • Sponsor money management
  • Nicer donations page, together with Stefano Cavallari who implemented the Paypal connector
  • r.mask: catch user error - rr46372
  • grass-addons/grass7/display/d.mon: fix missing Makefile - r46370
  • Toolboxes assignment together with Helena Mitasova

Robert Szczepanek

  • continued Polish translation

Milena Nowotarska

  • continued Polish translation
  • work on wxGUI menu improvements

Markus Metz

  • r.mask: bug fixed for reclassed maps in 6.x - r46345, r46346
  • LiDAR, LAS handling: creation of import modules [r|v].in.lidar for the ASPRS LiDAR LAS format
  • GRASS 7 development
    • time series, together with Helena Mitasova and Sören Gebbert (project leader): design of a true temporal GIS
    • scalable vector topology, with Radim Blazek

Margherita Di Leo

  • Scratch for GUI (GSoC Project) - Wx.stream_gsoc2011
  • r.threshold: New module useful to find optimal threshold for stream extraction r46403

Andrea Antonello

  • Generic OMS3/Java wrapper for GRASS modules for generic use in the java world.
  • Complete description here, since I didn't want to spam with images.

Sören Gebbert

  • Implementing time as new dimension into GRASS GIS to create a true temporal GIS, together with Helena Mitasova and Markus Metz
  • Implemented direct access to GRASS GIS 7 libraries (libgis, libraster, libvect, libdb, ...) from the Java programming language in vtk-grass-bridge
  • Discussion about new approaches in grid and cloud computing with GRASS GIS, leaded by Peter Loewe
  • Designing a new test suite and test frame work for GRASS GIS, together with Anne Ghisla
  • New approaches in web processing services and GRASS GIS, together with Paweł Netzel and Luca Delucchi

Paweł Netzel

  • work on wxGUI menu improvements

Anne Ghisla

  • Test Suite proposal together with Sören Gebbert
  • Added datatype check in r.mask Python script (GRASS7) r46379, porting GRASS6 shell script r43672
  • Google Summer of Code guidance for GRASS students and mentors who attended the sprint

Annalisa Minelli

  • Testing r.viewshed module and study of its integration in other visibility tools with Markus Metz
  • Bugfixing in v.mainchannel code with Markus Neteler
  • Begun translation of module in python language using* suite - python implementation of Van der Waerden statistical test

Anna Kratochvilova

  • Project plan for WxNviz GSoC 2011 was discussed with mentors (Martin Landa, Helena Mitasova)
  • Fixing bugs in wxNviz

Helena Mitasova

  • testing wxNviz status with Anna, setting priorities
  • LiDAR, LAS format handling discussion with Markus Metz
  • space time cube and voxel flowrouting capabilities with Markus Metz
  • discussion about time series support with Soren Gebbert and Markus Metz
  • toolbox organizatioon for r* commands with Markus Neteler
  • r.mask and g3.region issues with Markus Neteler and Soeren Gebbert
  • startup tutorials, wxGUI suggestions and testing options with Martin Landa

Press release

Please see

Notes for the organizers

  • Sponsors
    • Find and coordinate them
  • (B367) Hackfest Room
    • Wifi or switch(es) - wifi is better, it's worth to have also switch with cables available for any case
    • power extension cables (1-2 plugs per participant)
    • video projector
    • Opportunity to prepare coffee or likewise (if possible)
  • Video broadcasting
    • camera for streaming (maybe not needed)
  • Accommodation
    • Reserve sufficient (cheap) rooms in advance
    • Find some really low budget places
  • Social dinner
    • Sunday evening, reserve place
  • City tour
    • Consider one city walk event to get distracted :)
  • Documentation
    • IRC broadcast on #grass
    • Etherpad | Ethercalc for live notes
    • Make fotos including group fotos
    • Press release which includes the relevant sponsor names for newspapers and GRASS communication channels
  • For every day, arrange
    • provide paper notebooks, pencils for participants
    • buy some fruit, biscuit, coffee, tee, etc.
    • buy pizza or baguettes for lunch
    • book restaurant for the evening

Hints for the Preparation