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GRASS GIS and Cartography

Using as cartographic engine

  • Some screenshots:
Geomap klein.jpg
Forestgaps Moseltal Germany.png

Display monitors

In addition to the hardcopy plots you can make with the command and its wxGUI Cartographic Composer), in GRASS 7 the d.barscale module can draw a number of styles of bar scale and north arrows directly in the live GIS display monitor; in GRASS 6.4.3+ the north arrows can be drawn on the monitor with the d.graph module or the d.mark addon module and the appropriate symbol. Style, text placement (or none), distance units, color, font, and fontsize can be controlled. Here are some examples:

Barscales7.png N arrows7.png

Using GMT

  • Export to the GMT software package for publication quality cartography

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