GRASS GIS Community Sprint Bonn 2018

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The GRASS community will join the general OSGeo-CodeSprint in BaseCamp Bonn, following the annual FOSSGIS conference (German Speaking Local OSGeo Chapter conference from 21 - 23 March 2018 in Bonn, Germany)

Timing, Venue

OSGeo-CodeSprint in BaseCamp Bonn, Germany, from 23 - 25 March 2018


Please check more info on the Bonn Code Sprint 2018.

We also welcome direct financial contributions to help reducing travelling and accommodation expenses for GRASS developers with far arrival If you are interested to sponsor the GRASS Community Sprint, please read about

sponsoring the GRASS project at
Note that it is also possible to buy a round of beer for the developers with a quick click using the PayPal "Buy [pizza/beer/...] Now" button
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For any questions, please contact Markus Neteler <neteler at>. Any surplus at the end of the event will be turned over to the GRASS GIS project.

This GRASS GIS Community Sprint is a great occasion for you to support the development of GRASS. With your contribution you'll enable more developers to meet. The community sprint is an important opportunity for the GRASS developers to discuss and collaboratively resolve bugs, plan the direction for the project and work on new features. Please see below for the more detailed agenda. The developers and contributors are donating their valuable time, so it would be great if in-kind funding can be made available from within the community to cover out-of-pocket expenses. All of the work that takes place at the community sprint will be directly contributed back into the GRASS project to the benefit of everyone who uses it.

This Bonn event is especially interesting since important OSGeo projects come together!

Agenda - What we plan to do