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not used now because this needs individual approach
Piemonte display region:
Piemonte display region:
north:      5136489.9425
north:      5136489.9425
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<gallery mode=packed>
[[File:std_dataset_nc_stripe.png|thumb|North Carolina (USA) dataset|700px]]
File:std_dataset_nc_aspect.png|Aspect (North Carolina, USA)
[[File:std_dataset_it_stripe.png|thumb|Piemonte (Italy) dataset|700px]]
File:std_dataset_nc_slope.png|Slope (North Carolina, USA)
[[File:std_dataset_pr_stripe.png|thumb|Puerto Rico dataset|700px]]
File:std_dataset_nc_profile_curvature.png|Profile curvature (North Carolina, USA)
[[File:std_dataset_cz_stripe.png|thumb|Czech Republic dataset|700px]]
File:std_dataset_piemonte_aspect.png|Aspect (Piemonte, Italy)
File:std_dataset_piemonte_slope.png|Slope (Piemonte, Italy)
File:std_dataset_piemonte_profile_curvature.png|Profile curvature (Piemonte, Italy)

=== Visualizing shaded relief ===
=== Visualizing shaded relief ===

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See Trac wiki page for the development of the dataset.

List of datasets


Computing slope and aspect

Compute slope, aspect and profile curvature of the terrain:

g.region raster=elevation
r.slope.aspect elevation=elevation slope=slope aspect=aspect pcurvature=profile_curvature

North Carolina (USA) dataset
Piemonte (Italy) dataset
Puerto Rico dataset
Czech Republic dataset

Visualizing shaded relief

Visualize digital elevation model with shaded relief:

g.region raster=elevation
r.relief input=elevation output=shade
d.shade shade=shade color=elevation

Where are the datasets used

Tools to help with managing a dataset

  • g.rename for changing names of individual raster and vector maps
  • g.rename.many for renaming large amount of maps (to standard names or to/from different language)
  • r.in.proj and v.in.proj for importing data with different coordinate system