GRASS GIS at OSGeo Community Sprint 2019

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OSGeo Community Sprint 2019, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, May 14-17, 2019.

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  • Find the best way for GRASS GIS to use PDAL.
  • Get new prototype started in terms of code design and/or putting the basic pieces together to test specific usages of API and have a prototype which would conform with the PDAL API best practices. Options are PDAL C++ API (original pre- and modern post-1.0 release), using PDAL C API, and command line pipeline API.
  • Identify and ideally implement any features in GRASS GIS API which would make it easier for OpenDroneMap to run GRASS GIS algorithms.
  • Write and/or review a draft of Git/GitHub usage best practices for GRASS GIS learning from the projects which migrated from Subversion/Trac in recent years.
  • Finishing porting GRASS to Python 3 so that we can release long-awaited Python3-compatible version.
  • Connect GRASS more tightly, namely to build on top the current integration and add a stronger analytical component to WebODM.



Vaclav (Vashek) Petras

  • Started discussion about the right PDAL API for GRASS GIS.
    • PDAL C API is not part of the core and the maintenance plan for future is unclear.
  • Connected with ODM group and clarified the goals.
  • Update documentation for for point clouds (trac r74479)


Vaclav (Vashek) Petras

  • Discussed with PDAL developers and decided the best approach is to use standard C++ API with streaming and either proper PDAL stages or callback filter.
    • Using callback filter is simpler with current code. Implemented in trac r74484.
    • The stages are executed in streaming mode which significantly reduces memory requirements (from all input in memory to fixed amount).
    • The C/C++ version of should use stages, possibly one or more filters and a writer. However, the implementation should keep as much code as possible as (pure) C for reuse in similar modules following what is in and others.
  • Commented on issues: svn2git migration, GRASS GIS 8 planning, Unicode in Python code, trac #3790, trac #2970

Anna Petrasova


Vaclav (Vashek) Petras

  • Worked on (PDAL-based version of
    • Most of functionality now available, but whole output raster needs to fit into memory and general refactoring is needed.
  • Discussed how GRASS GIS is used in WebODM now and what should be improved.
    • Recipes for command line and integrating tasks are needed, for example:
      • Passing parameters to a script (Bash, Python, using GRASS interface description, with --exec)
      • Slicing messages
      • Handling module output and error states: grass --tmp-location EPSG:3358 --exec g.region -pg | grep ".*"
      • Debugging tricks: grass --tmp-location EPSG:3358 --exec bash -c " input=~/points.las output=points; g.gui -f"
    • Cutting down the steps in "external" CLI (--exec)
      • Thumbs up for --exec and --tmp-location
      • Automatic import/linking
      • Automatic identification of CRS (actually makes more sense/is more safer in batch processing/backend use than in desktop use)
    • More clear/straightforward CLI
      • More quite --exec
      • Perhaps --exec needs different defaults than interactive use (e.g. more quiet) or there should be an alternative subcommand or binary

Anna Petrasova

  • Fixed several issues in the library and fixed several related tests.
  • Discussed integration of GRASS GIS and WebODM with other developers (WebODM plugin).

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