GRASS GIS contributors meetings in Solany/February 2016

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2. Meeting (January 5-7 2016)

Discussed topics

  • trac #2888
  • trac #2889
  • v.kriging: enable BLAS and LAPACK for Windows
  • upgrade wxPython in OSGeo4W to wxPython 3.0
  • trac #2894
  • db_rollback_transaction()
  • Vect_rewrite_line, Vect_read_line - force topological level

Participants & reports

Note: maximum number of participants: 4-5 (due to winter time)

Martin Landa

Stepan Turek

  • worked mostly on importing data from osm to grass in form which allows to use the osm data for network vector analysis with turntable
  • SVN logs

Matej Krejci

  • worked mostly on g.gui.metadata addon
  • SVN logs

Ludmila Furtkevicova

  • testing Grahical Modeler, various issues reported
  • major improvements of g.gui.gmodeler's manual page (see r67830)


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