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=GRASS Brochure=
=GRASS Brochure=
[http://www.perlomat.de/grassflyer.pdf draft-grassbrochure]

GRASS- Flyer (first draft).


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GRASS Brochure


GRASS- Flyer (first draft).


  • Description of GRASS

GRASS is a Free and Open Source Software for performing spatial analyses. It consists of more then 350 modules for processing vector (2D/3D), raster and voxel data. Many interfaces to other programs in related domains like geostatistics, databases, mapserver and to other GIS software exists.

GRASS is used in scientific aplications, commercial settings and by public authorities all over the world.

  • History and community

Originally developed in the beginning of the 80's by the US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (USA-CERL), it was published as public domain software. When the USA- CERL withdrew from the development of GRASS an international developer team overtook this work. Since 1999 GRASS is published as free software under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.

  • Platforms

GRASS runs on nearly all platforms. It supports GNU/Linux, posix compliant Unix Systems, MS-Windows and MacOS X.

  • Advantage of Open Source

Because of the Open Source philosophy, anyone can access the source code of GRASS. Therefore everyone can easily extend or modify GRASS. Through this transparency the results of geospatial analysis are comprehensible (traceable?).

  • OSGeo founding project

GRASS is a founding project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.