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This page describes how to import file in DXF format into GRASS using wxGUI. DXF usually contains more layers. You can convert DXF file to multi-layer GRASS vector map or import selected DXF layers as separated (single layer) GRASS vector maps.

Convert DXF layers to multi-layered GRASS vector map

Run from menu

File -> Import vector map -> DXF import

or from command-line
Choose input DXF file
Optionally list DXF layers which to import (by default all layers are imported)

Optionally you can also import all DXF layers to single layer GRASS vector map (-1 flag).

Convert DXF layers to separete GRASS vector maps

Run from menu

File -> Import vector map -> Multiple DXF layers import
Choose input DXF file and DXF layers to be imported. Each selected DXF layer is imported as single layer GRASS vector map.