Import Mio C230 GPS track maps

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Below is the process I used to do the import to GRASS as asll as an example output map.

  1. Backup the Mio C230 database with Menu > Home > Settings > Advanced > User Data Management > Backup Data. (Note: make sure you put in an SD card prior to doing the backup or you will get an error.)
  2. Load the SD into your computer and copy iGO_backup.db.
  3. run the script (I will update this shortly to give a way to list the tracks in the db file):
    $ ./ 10 > track10.asc
  4. Start GRASS (if not already) and make sure you are in a Lat/Long map.
  5. Import the track:
    GRASS 6.2.0 (tiger):~/gis/gpslog > input=track10.asc output=track10 format=point x=2 y=3 cat=1
  6. Draw the map :
    GRASS 6.2.0 (tiger):~/gis/gpslog > d.mon start=x0
    GRASS 6.2.0 (tiger):~/gis/gpslog > d.vect basemap color=black
    GRASS 6.2.0 (tiger):~/gis/gpslog > d.vect track10 color=red icon=basic/point

Here is what it looks like

Example track.png

The script can be downloaded here: