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This page contains the agenda of the GRASS Project Steering Commitee.

Open issues


These entries need a vote from each committee member.


These entries do not need a formal vote.

  • License issues of translation support through Rosetta

Resolved issues


  • RFC1Project Steering Committee guidelines- originally moved March 22, was edited and then a new motion for a vote issued April 1 (adopted April 5) HTML version of CVS file
  • CVS write access to S. Pallecchi (granted, 12 Dec 2006)
  • PSC Chair motion (chair: M Neteler, 9 Dec 2006, see related email message)
  • CVS write access to R. Antolin (granted, 8 Dec 2006)
  • RFC2 - Legal aspects of code contributions (adopted 8 Dec 2006)


  • GRASS on recommendation to do so. A friend of MN has submitted the code.

Did it ever make it?
  • Add GRASS to Canonical's Rosetta translation project?
Unresolved issue: a translation is a derivative and non-original work, and Cononical demands BSD-style copyright assignment of translations submitted through them (but not translations coming from the project). Could a translation back to english from one of those be a end-run around our copyright and the GPL?

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