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=== List of nominees for the [[PSC]] election ===
'''Any community member is eligible to propose a new PSC member candidate.'''
To submit a PSC member nomination:
* Please confirm with the nominated person first.
* Please send an email to PSC mailing list - grass-psc@lists.osgeo.org (you should be subscribed) - and also feel free to cc: the nomination to the GRASS user list - grass-user@lists.osgeo.org - so that the community remains informed.
* Please add details below.
* Also, you might want to reference your Wiki profile here:
The list of nominees:
{| class="wikitable sortable" border="1" cellpadding="5"
<!-- ++++++++++++ Nothing to change above +++++++++++ -->
|- valign="top"
|'''Candidate's name'''
|From: '''Your name (Nominator)'''
I'd like to nominate XXX
|- valign="top"
|''Martin Landa''
|''Czech Republic''
|From: ''[[User:Madi|Margherita Di Leo]]''
|- valign="top"
|''Markus Metz''
|From: ''[[User:lucadelu|Luca Delucchi]]''
|- valign="top"
|''Margherita Di Leo''
|From: ''[[User:Hellik|Helmut Kudrnovsky]]''
''Please copy this section to add new nominees''
|- valign="top"
|From: ''Nominator''
''Free text to introduce the nominee''
* [0] ''Add some links''

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