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== Press release ==
== Press release ==

Draft: http://etherpad.osuosl.org/ZYoeycpdeW
<strike>Draft: http://etherpad.osuosl.org/ZYoeycpdeW</strike> done :)

== Notes for the organizers ==
== Notes for the organizers ==

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Vaclav Petras

Luca Delucchi

Nikos Alexandris

  • Translating GRASS in to Greek
    • debating with NikosV about terms translated in Greek :-p
  • Support bug-hunting
    • trying to compiled GRASS 70 under OS-X, support bug-hunting for the "volume visualization" problem and more (thanks to AnnaK)
  • Support enhancements
    • supporting YannC in enhancing i.landsat.toar, updating its manual
    • scripting i.atcorr -- bash script works! ToDo: convert to python/pygrass script.
    • added evi2 in i.vi (thanks YannC, NikosV) r54984
  • ToDo for the Community Sprint
    • work on photos (e.g. collage)
    • work on the final report 1st draft sent to Luca D
  • Group Photo :-)
    # importing rgb tif in xy Location
     r.in.gdal in=/home/nik/archive/community_sprints/grassgis_cs_genova_group_photo_700px.tif \
     # create grass_community Mapset
     g.mapset -c mapset=grass_community
     # adjust region
     g.region rast=g.region rast=grassgis_cs_genova_group_photo.alpha -p
     # extract intensity values out of rgb
     i.rgb.his \
     r=grassgis_cs_genova_group_photo.red \
     g=grassgis_cs_genova_group_photo.green \
     b=grassgis_cs_genova_group_photo.blue \
     hue=grassgis_cs_genova_group_photo.rgb_hue \
     intensity=grassgis_cs_genova_group_photo.rgb_intensity \
     # segment -- group already created after import!
     i.segment -w group=grassgis_cs_genova_group_photo_rgb \
     out=grassgis_cs_genova_group_photo_rgb_segmented \
     threshold=8 radioweight=0.2 minsize=130 smoothweight=0.2
     # compare
     g.gui.mapswipe \
     first=grassgis_cs_genova_group_photo.rgb_intensity \
     # switch orientation to vertical, adjust and shoot screens
Segmenting the "GRASS Community Sprint in Genova, 2013" group photo

Ves Nikos

  • Translating grass GUI into Greek
  • Bug-hunting, testing under Windows

Anna Kratochvilova

  • fix #1868 + some refactoring r54838
  • improved MapSwipe (cross mirrors cursor movement) r54884
  • partial refactoring of overlays (legend, barscale) r54909,r54941
  • small fixes to ensure compatibility with wxPython 2.9 r54916,r54922,r54925,r54926
  • partial fix of cartographic composer on Windows r54921
  • fix command layer r54952
  • new dialog for showing query results r54972

Press release

Draft: http://etherpad.osuosl.org/ZYoeycpdeW done :)

Notes for the organizers

See Talk:GRASS_Community_Sprint_Prague_2011#Notes_for_the_organizers

Not to forget about

First day:

  • presentation of participants

First or second day:

  • group photo