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* [[GSoC Network Analysis]]: many new modules!
* [[GSoC Network Analysis]]: many new modules!
== Tutorials ==
* [http://www.ing.unitn.it/~grass/docs/tutorial_64_en/htdocs/esercitazione/network_analysis/index.html Network analysis tutorial] by University of Trento, Italy
== External links ==
== External links ==

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Vector network analysis

GRASS provides support for vector network analysis using the DGlib Directed Graph Library.

Implemented algorithms

The following algorithms are implemented (GRASS 6.5+):

Vector directions are defined by the digitizing direction (a-->--b). You can navigate either omnidirectionally or differently in each directions as both directions are supported. Network modules provide parameters to assign attribute columns to the forward and backward direction. To see how a vector is directed, use the "display" parameter of d.vect (set display=dir).

  • see the vectorintro "vector map processing and network analysis" help page

Example: Shortest path routing

New ideas


v.net.iso - Split net to bands between cost isolines (direction from centre). Costs of centre node are used in calculation.

v.net.alloc - Allocates subnets for nearest centres (direction from centre). Costs of centre node are used in calculation.

d.path - Find shortest path for selected starting and ending node.

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