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webGRASS currently allows to:

  • upload a mapset/location
  • select existing mapset and location
  • load a vector map
  • display vector/raster data
  • do basic commands such as v.buffer

Need to be done

  • link webGRASS with grass libraries and avoid process communication. If a process got break at some point its a mess
  • imporve the command view interface
  • allow user to import their own raster data(atleast any gdal supported)
  • add suggestion popup for input map(raster and vector)
  • read GRASS GIS data from a user through HTML5 File API
  • allow user to download data in GRASS Format
  • a lot more :)

Contact Us

  • Anyone intersted in development please do contact
  • Dr. K.S.Rajan(Project Guide) rajan [*] iiit.ac.in
  • Rashad (Developer) rashadkm [*] gmail (dot) com

Video demo version 1

Video demo latest version