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This wiki is a first draft roadmap of priorities for the migration from CMSMS website ( to Wordpress ( a Hugo/git based solution.

Why a new Website

The current CMSMS site is getting a bit dated, hard to maintain and it is without responsive template (i.e. not mobile friendly).

To enable more people to contribute, a complete redesign with different technology is planned.


Desired content

  • ...
  • ... your ideas here (but please check also below for existing content)

Existing content - to be restructured

High priority


The team:

Software (see also "To be merged"):

Sample Data:


Use cases:


To be merged

These 3 pages should become a single page sponsorship

These should be all combined into download/software (see also above)

To be merged

All these screenshots could be converted into a "Gallery", for example

Low priority

Move to trac dev wiki

To be moved to user wiki

To be trashed