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Animation tool is a GUI application which allows to animate a series of GRASS raster maps or a space time raster dataset (see GRASS GIS temporal extension). See also the manual.

Animation Tool available in GRASS 7 only. The tool can be launched from Layer Manager menu (File | Animation Tool) or through command line as stand-alone application (g.gui.animation).

Animation Tool is release under GNU GPL licence and the source is available from GRASS SVN repository.

Current features

  • display up to 4 synchronized animations
  • control the animation speed
  • interactively change active frame using a slider
  • visualize space time datasets with unequally spaced intervals
  • animate 3d view (partially implemented)
  • display legend
  • supports export to animated GIF, AVI (requires ffmpeg), SWF
  • overlay multiple space-time datasets or map layers

Video tutorials

wxGUI Animation Tool
wxGUI Animation Tool - both 2D and 3D view
wxGUI Animation Tool - multiple map layers


wxGUI Animation Tool was developed within a diploma thesis at the Czech Technical University in Prague by Anna Kratochvilova in 2012.