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For development issues see Trac page.

ps.map (see also ps.output) is a cartographic composer, intended to be a stand-alone hardcopy plot generator. It is not meant to be a Print button for the maps currently displayed in the map canvas, that will need it own controls.

The GUI (so called wx.psmap) will prepare a semi-WYSIWYG + tree menu controls which can write a ps.map control file, and then run ps.map to create PostScript output directly. See the announcement in the mailing list.

wx.psmap - draft mode

The GUI currently supports the most important mapping instructions

  • paper
  • scale
  • maploc
  • rast
  • vects
  • scalebar
  • mapinfo
  • legend
  • text labels


Note: GRASS 6.5+ is required. On MS Windows you can try daily builds for GRASS 6.5 or GRASS 7.0 which already comes wx.psmap installed.

After installation launch GUI for ps.map from wxGUI menu

File -> Hardcopy Map Output Utility

From wxGUI

Setting -> Install extension from add-ons
  1. Click on "Fetch" button
  2. Choose "wxGUI | wx.psmap"
  3. Check in "Install system-wide (may need system administrator rights)"
  4. And install selected extension by clicking on "Install"
Installing wx.psmap from wxGUI

From Command Prompt

g.extension -s svnurl=https://svn.osgeo.org/grass/grass-addons extension=wx.psmap

Note: g.extension in GRASS 6 doesn't support installing wxGUI extensions. You can install wx.psmap from wxGUI Command prompt using Python version of g.extension available as g.extension.py

g.extension.py -s svnurl=https://svn.osgeo.org/grass/grass-addons extension=wx.psmap
Installing wx.psmap from wxGUI Command Prompt


  • Ability to load in saved ps.map instructions file. I consider this to be a low priority, deal with it after map creation is fully functional. Start with scripts saved using the GUI, after that is working expand to load any ps.map instructions file.


  • ps.map instructions file
  • PostScript file