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See also wxGUI.Nviz manual page.

wxNviz is a wxGUI extension which allows users to realistically render multiple surfaces (raster data) in a 3D space, optionally using thematic coloring, draping 2D vector data over the surfaces, displaying 3D vector data in the space, and visualization of volume data (3D raster data).


2008-06-27: Display raster map from layer tree in 2.5D (surface)
2008-07-05: Support for vector data (2D lines) added
2008-07-26: Support for vector point data
2008-08-02: 3D vector data support
2008-08-09: Initial support for volumetric data
2010-05-31: 3D view tools window integrated into Layer Manager
Lighting control panel in Layer Manager (2010-06-17)
Fringe control panel in Layer Manager (2010-06-23)
Redirect messages to wxGUI (2010-08-08)
Displaying raster (surface), 2D vector and 3D raster (volume) in the 3D space (2010-08-16)



Know issues

  • List of open and closed tickets
  • Light settings doesn't work
  • Map canvas is flickering when adding new vector map layer - it crashes wxGUi for me on Mac
  • it still does not clean the View pannel when switching from 3d back to 2d
  • rendering at high res works only when changing viewing position or clicking the buttons that increase the numbers for persp, twist, height and z-exag. Moving sliders does the required change but there is no redraw to full resolution
  • adding draw, draw current and clear button may be useful
  • typing in the height or z-exag numbers and ENTER does not do anything but the typed number gets accepted after clicking on the increase/decrease button
  • adding fringe just flashes it but it does not stay there.

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