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Some gravity related useful links

Instructions for importing these into the GIS can be found on the Marine Science wiki page. Satellite Altimetry is used to quantify sea surface deformation due to local gravitational anomalies. Due to the significant density difference between seawater and rock underlying seamounts and trenches can be inferred. This gives us, for the first time, a full global picture of the Earth's surface at reasonable detail.

Topo/Bathy data are used in several gravity related equations.

The USGS has a collection of software, however it dates of 1997. This Open-File Report (97-725) is named Potential-Field Geophysical Software for the PC, version 2.2 and supersedes Open-File Report 95-77, A bibliography of some geophysical computer programs, databases, and maps from the U.S. Geological Survey, 1971-1994.

The Colorado School of Mines also has software libraries.